Redneck Fields 30-5-2018

Redneck Fields

It’s checkmate
Bordeline has been fade
All turns to the shade
Life turns into gray

Its our resistance
Our last reveal
Lets kill the man
That hurts us all

Lets bring the poison
To the redneck fields
Everything is burning
Lets put up our shields

Let the red sun rises
The black moon fall
Now the time has come
To come undone

Revolt against society
Chaos wont come politely
We don’t walk by blindly
But we stand up motility

All those buring eyes
Are turning on me
Let me free
Let me free


Suffer from being
Now we are done
So low down your guns
We already won

We wil not change
Our entire gains
Lets change the changes
That all have been made

Make it stay
Go away
Make it stay
Go away
Make it stay