Sober 2-6-2018


Seeing the moonlight in the water
Hearing the water crashing into the rocks
Feeling the good and the bad of the sea
Now I question myself, do you really wanna know me?

Got al wound up for you
Because you are always on my mind
Oh stop making me blind
Love is not a thing I really wanna do
But fuck it

I want you

Waiting to get sober
To get you closer
Waiting to get sober
Don’t let it be over

Today is not a day for sadness
My feelings are running out I don’t know what to do
I wanna squeeze and hold you, But you are one night away
Or words are shifting through the moment of time
But in every word I question myself
Will you be mine?

I want you


I have been searching all this time
Looking for a meaning too
I have been waiting to find someone like you
When I awake you slither in my head like a poisonous snake
And well my heart reaches out for you
Through the gardens of my soul

I will drown my pain
Just to make us whole