Introducing something new 20-11-2018

Our drummer recently adopted a new drumkit, and it's a beauty. It took a few sleepless nights after first seeing the listing, after all, it can be difficult to justify needing a fourth kit when you barely had space for three.

Even so, when you're in love, you're in love. It took very little convincing (read: bullying) from the rest of the band to get him to pick up the second-hand drums, and within an afternoon's work it was ready to go.

It's one of those rare, once in a lifetime bargains: not only does it perfectly fit your band's aesthetic, it sounds better than most drums you've gotten your hands on in the past year or so, and the guy selling them hasn't got an eye for vintage, so it's a perfect condition 70's dream come true. nobody would be able to pass on that.

Its shellset consists of a 22-inch bass drum, a 16-inch floortom, and a 14-inch tom, which is quite an improvement on the 12-inch tom used before. Aside from looking absolutely stunning, they sound impressive. The bass drum has a surprisingly large and rounded sound, while still compact. The toms are at their best in a low tuning, which, for Hidden Doors, is the way to go. Overall, the whole kit has a warm and pleasant sustain. The great thing about vintage drums is that they're usually expertly made, and stand the test of time very well. They're also not too popular with drummers, which makes them cheaper compared to the more desirable vintage guitar. The hardware isn't as sturdy, but these problems are easily fixed, and the older lugs and tension rods give the drum kit that gorgeous look.

So, after a bit of dusting, some new batter heads, and a bit of tuning magic the new drums now sound the way they should. Topping it off by putting our logo on the bass drum, it's officially a Hidden Doors drum kit. We're all so proud. Ready to be used live on stage, you'll be able to come and see it soon!