On to the final! 22-04-2019

On the 13th of April, against all odds, Hidden Doors won the semifinals in De Grote Prijs Van Dordt.

We hadn't managed to get through the preliminary round before, coming in second for both the jury- and audience prizes. Even so, the competition has a wildcard for fan favourites, and more people than we ever expected took to voting. Our wonderful fans got us an overwhelming majority -nearly fifty percent of all votes- and once again, we want to thank everyone who helped out.

Armed with strong jury feedback we tried to put together a stronger set, though after having heard the competition (a perk of being the last to play) no one knew if we even stood a chance. After all, we hadn't even won the previous round... And yet, coats on and ready to head home, we were called onto the stage victorious.

So far this competition has been a rollercoaster, but we've played two fun sets in front of an energetic audience, and we can't wait to do it again. We've given our first official interview, asked the jury for more feedback, and are ready to make even more progress for the next performance. We're playing in the finals of De Grote Prijs Van Dordt and we hope you're all there to listen us kill it on stage at Bibelot on May 11th!