On to the final! 22-04-2019

On the 13th of April, against all odds, Hidden Doors won the semifinals in De Grote Prijs Van Dordt.

We hadn't managed to get through the preliminary round before, coming in second for both the jury- and audience prizes. Even so, the competition has a wildcard for fan favourites, and more people than we ever expected took to voting. Our wonderful fans got us an overwhelming majority -nearly fifty percent of all votes- and once again, we want to thank everyone who helped out.

Armed with strong jury feedback we tried to put together a stronger set, though after having heard the competition (a perk of being the last to play) no one knew if we even stood a chance. After all, we hadn't even won the previous round... And yet, coats on and ready to head home, we were called onto the stage victorious.

So far this competition has been a rollercoaster, but we've played two fun sets in front of an energetic audience, and we can't wait to do it again. We've given our first official interview, asked the jury for more feedback, and are ready to make even more progress for the next performance. We're playing in the finals of De Grote Prijs Van Dordt and we hope you're all there to listen us kill it on stage at Bibelot on May 11th!


Our own recording studio? 02-01-2019

Exiting news! We've decided to renovate part of Tracy's house into our very own recording studio, which we'll use to record demo's and hopefully, to put out some new releases...

While drums will be recorded off-site, later to be mixed and mastered in the studio, vocals, guitars, and bass will be recorded here from now on! This enables us to work both more efficiently and independently, so that you guys can look forward to new material coming soon


The "Table Effect" 09-12-2018

The band came together today to work on a cover for the EP, which is scheduled for release next February. We'd delayed this meeting several times, on account of us all being much better at making music than we are at talking business.

However, with the deadline getting closer, we couldn't really keep putting it off. With a full afternoon freed up and the whole band on lockdown, we forced ourselves to be productive.

Within an hour though, we'd managed to make great progress. Steven credits this to "the table effect," a theory that when a band actually sits around a table they are far more efficient than when they lounge about on a couch.

Let's see how long we keep it up.


Introducing something new 20-11-2018

Our drummer recently adopted a new drumkit, and it's a beauty. It took a few sleepless nights after first seeing the listing, after all, it can be difficult to justify needing a fourth kit when you barely had space for three.

Even so, when you're in love, you're in love. It took very little convincing (read: bullying) from the rest of the band to get him to pick up the second-hand drums, and within an afternoon's work it was ready to go.

It's one of those rare, once in a lifetime bargains: not only does it perfectly fit your band's aesthetic, it sounds better than most drums you've gotten your hands on in the past year or so, and the guy selling them hasn't got an eye for vintage, so it's a perfect condition 70's dream come true. nobody would be able to pass on that.

Its shellset consists of a 22-inch bass drum, a 16-inch floortom, and a 14-inch tom, which is quite an improvement on the 12-inch tom used before. Aside from looking absolutely stunning, they sound impressive. The bass drum has a surprisingly large and rounded sound, while still compact. The toms are at their best in a low tuning, which, for Hidden Doors, is the way to go. Overall, the whole kit has a warm and pleasant sustain. The great thing about vintage drums is that they're usually expertly made, and stand the test of time very well. They're also not too popular with drummers, which makes them cheaper compared to the more desirable vintage guitar. The hardware isn't as sturdy, but these problems are easily fixed, and the older lugs and tension rods give the drum kit that gorgeous look.

So, after a bit of dusting, some new batter heads, and a bit of tuning magic the new drums now sound the way they should. Topping it off by putting our logo on the bass drum, it's officially a Hidden Doors drum kit. We're all so proud. Ready to be used live on stage, you'll be able to come and see it soon!


Sober 2-6-2018


Seeing the moonlight in the water
Hearing the water crashing into the rocks
Feeling the good and the bad of the sea
Now I question myself, do you really wanna know me?

Got al wound up for you
Because you are always on my mind
Oh stop making me blind
Love is not a thing I really wanna do
But fuck it

I want you

Waiting to get sober
To get you closer
Waiting to get sober
Don’t let it be over

Today is not a day for sadness
My feelings are running out I don’t know what to do
I wanna squeeze and hold you, But you are one night away
Or words are shifting through the moment of time
But in every word I question myself
Will you be mine?

I want you


I have been searching all this time
Looking for a meaning too
I have been waiting to find someone like you
When I awake you slither in my head like a poisonous snake
And well my heart reaches out for you
Through the gardens of my soul

I will drown my pain
Just to make us whole


Redneck Fields 30-5-2018

Redneck Fields

It’s checkmate
Bordeline has been fade
All turns to the shade
Life turns into gray

Its our resistance
Our last reveal
Lets kill the man
That hurts us all

Lets bring the poison
To the redneck fields
Everything is burning
Lets put up our shields

Let the red sun rises
The black moon fall
Now the time has come
To come undone

Revolt against society
Chaos wont come politely
We don’t walk by blindly
But we stand up motility

All those buring eyes
Are turning on me
Let me free
Let me free


Suffer from being
Now we are done
So low down your guns
We already won

We wil not change
Our entire gains
Lets change the changes
That all have been made

Make it stay
Go away
Make it stay
Go away
Make it stay